Pharmacy Manager Services is needed to perform the following duties:

1. Supervise employees such as store and front desk clerks in sales work, taking of inventories reconciling each with sales receipts.

2. Place Pharmacy merchandise orders and prepare requisitions to replenish Pharmacy merchandise.

3. Ensure compliance of employee’s security, sales and record keeping procedures as per the company policies. Evaluate stock clerks and front desk clerk’s performances and create performance review reports for vice president.

4. Review Medicare patient’s eligibility for medications and ordering of medications as per insurance requirements.

5. Support the president in developing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures that reflect quality and safe delivery of health care services and provide exceptional customer and guest relations.

6. Demonstrates knowledge of financial management, by planning, preparing and achieving annual budget goals.

7. Analyze the departmental operational program on a continuing basis and make recommendations to the president for any changes thus ensuring smooth pharmacy operations.

8. Under direct supervision of pharmacist, contact and confers with physicians concerning the appropriate drug, dose, dosing interval, drug allergy and drug-drug interaction.

9. Prepare and dispense appropriate number of inpatients and outpatients’ medication under supervision of a pharmacist.

10. Answer customer complaints and inquiries.

11. Support in developing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) plans under the supervision of pharmacist for chronic disorders management.

12. Files documents and records.

13. Schedule employees and delegate work assignments in the pharmacy and front clerks and utilize supplies to maximize the store profits.

14. Coordinate with staff to ensure department compliance with policies, procedures, by laws, regulatory requirements, and best practice guidelines, medications as per insurance requirements.

15. Support the vice president to formulate pricing on over the counter merchandise according to requirements of profitability of store operations.

16. Gather data on competitors and analyze prices, sales and methods of Marketing and distributors and support the pharmacy department, and vice president to help determine the products to carry.

Bachelor degree in management, operations management or business management. Apply by email only at